Friday, December 12, 2014

All The Colors For Everyone!

Tales from the Cutting Counter: At the cutting counter, I actively refrain from bringing politics, religion, and social issues into my conversations with customers. There is banter, but if somebody heads to my light-conversation-no-no-zone, I just change the subject back to the task at hand. Keep this in mind as you read on.
A woman comes in a few days ago and asks me if we carry luggage tags. No, we do not. She looks surprised and a little annoyed. (Because of course, if you think "luggage tags" the first place that pops to mind is "fabric store." -eyeroll) She comes back several minutes later with a spool of ribbon, marked down to clearance price. She asks for 2 yards. "What are you doing with it?" I ask. "We are going on vacation and I want to tie it on our luggage to make the suitcases easy to see on the luggage carousel," she replies. "You had some very bright pink ribbon marked down more, but my husband will not appreciate pink ribbon on his suitcase," she continued. I looked at the spool she had handed me, measured two yards, cut it, scanned it, handed it to her with her cutting ticket, smiled broadly, and said, "No, probably not." She left the counter and headed to the cashier.
The ribbon she purchased was rainbow striped.
Karma never sleeps, people.

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