Monday, November 3, 2014

A Tale of Two

Tales from the Cutting Counter: Two interesting customers today. One woman, well into her 80's, bought several 1-yard cuts of cotton. She confided--almost conspiratorially--that she buys baby dolls at a discount store, makes a blanket, pillow and matching dress for each one, and sends them to hospitals in Ohio, where a friend is an administrator. Last year, she shipped 500 dolls. "You've gotta do something to stay busy!" she told me. A young woman with long dark hair and freckles, asked for 5 yards of extra-wide white tulle, like you might use for a bridal veil. I asked her what she was making. She giggled, and said, "a dress." As our conversation continued, I learned that she was not local, but came into town frequently "for appointments and things". She then asked for apparel trim with "dangly beads or fringe." It became apparent that this young woman was working either private parties or at a gentleman's club, and was doing her best to preserve her anonymity while doing so. She was very nice, and thanked me for the help I gave her. Because, I guess, "you've gotta do SOMETHING to stay busy."

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